Mid-Senior Network Operations Officer

Job Description

– Monitor infrastructure availability (up, down) and performance monitoring (utilization and health) on Telephony, Security and Network Components such as: Voice Gateways, Telephony Appliances, Firewall equipment, Edge Routers, Core Switches, Access Switches and Resources like CPU, memory, and network traffic and service/application performance.


– Provide real time performance monitoring and recording of historical report on telephony and
network Bandwidth utilization.


– Ensure all telco links are up for both network and telephone lines, available and reliable and coordinate with Telco provider to remediate monitored alerts on the circuits in-line with SLA.


– Take action once they received alerts and logs that reached the defined threshold.


– Proactively monitor Telco link’s utilization and any degradation on the circuit such as Packet drops, packet loss, packet error and provides helpdesk capabilities for network operations support, ticketing and incident tracking.


– Maintain branches availability by monitoring the telco links performance and network components installed in the branch.


– Maintain LANs and WANs devices capacity including network devices ports network addresses and includes network monitoring of DC, branch, campus and wifi.


– Provides daily, weekly, monthly and yearly SLA report and preventive maintenance


– Reports utilization/patch update


– Provides basic remote and troubleshooting support for laptop, applications and connections.


– Manages service and incident requests as well as provide root cause analysis for issues


– At least 3 year experience in networking software and security, VLAN, VOIP, QoS, and Wi-Fi technology.​


– Has extensive knowledge on Network deployments and Security protocols


– Has knowledge and background on Windows Active Directory (AD) systems., LDAP Network configuration


– Network Equipment: Cisco, Huawei, and other network equipment


–  Effective communication skills


– Design Thinker


– Possess keen organizational and people handling skills.


– Problem solving ability.


– Ability to foster teamwork.


– Good analytical and problem solving skills


– Express oneself clearly in conversations, interactions and business writing.


– Self-organizing.


– The ability to plan and deliver oral and written communications that make an impact and persuade their intended audiences.


– The ability to develop, maintain, and strengthen partnerships with others inside or outside the organization who can provide information, assistance, and support.

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