Data Platforms Engineer

Job Overview

In this role, you will be responsible for supporting and building new projects, implementations, proofs of concept (POCs), and assessments. You will play a critical role in maintaining and optimizing our data platforms, including Cloudera, Informatica, Confluent Kafka, Qlik Replicate, Tableau, Snowflake, AWS, and other technologies as needed.


– Design, implement, and manage data platforms to support new projects and initiatives.


– Develop and support POCs to assess the feasibility of new data technologies or solutions.

– Collaborate with cross-functional teams to assess and understand data requirements for new implementations.

– Configure, maintain, and optimize data platforms, ensuring high availability, performance, and security.

– Provide technical support for data platforms, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring timely resolution.

– Automate data platform deployments and processes to streamline implementation and maintenance.


– Monitor platform performance and conduct assessments to identify opportunities for improvement.


– Document architecture, design, and operational procedures to facilitate maintenance and scalability.


– Stay current with emerging data technologies and best practices, and advocate for their adoption where appropriate.


– Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.


– Proven experience working with data platforms such as Cloudera, Informatica, Confluent Kafka, Qlik Replicate, Tableau, Snowflake, and AWS.


– Strong experience in data engineering, including designing and building data
platform solutions.


– Proficiency in scripting and automation tools.


– Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.


– Strong communication skills to effectively interact with cross-functional teams
and stakeholders.

Join our Team

Send your resume to with the subject line: “Data Platforms Engineer​ Application”.