Digital Transformation:
Real Results in 100 Days

UBX is the Philippines’ leading Open Finance Platform and driver of digital transformation, trusted by industry leaders to kickstart and accelerate their journey.

We’ll help you digitally transform your business

Your digital transformation journey should not be hard nor expensive.

Get started, transform faster

Designing, developing and launching new features is fast and easy with our team of experts and engineers. Our leaders ensure a one-stop, financially viable digital transformation for your business.

Elevate experiences, monetize easily

Our open and embedded payment, credit, and banking services, coupled with regulatory technology expertise and banking standard-compliant solutions, make your enterprise 100% digitally enabled.

Widen your reach and enter new markets

Our white-label solutions and the widest networks can help you quickly integrate online & offline experiences, enabling multi-channel distribution and service channels.

Trusted by industry leaders in the Philippines

Be one of the top-performing enterprises working with us, for unparalleled success in today’s digital age.

Certified by the most trusted institutions

A premier technology company regulated by banking standards.

UBX is registered under the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas and is a licensed Operator of Payment Systems, ensuring secure and compliant services.


Aboitiz and UnionBank are behind UBX.

UBX is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Aboitiz Group’s UnionBank, spun-out to drive financial inclusion and business growth for the underserved.


UBX is PCI DSS compliant.

UBX guarantees safety and security as a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) platform, complying with standards that protect cardholder data.

Recognized for excellence in leading digital transformation and open finance Initiatives

Excellence in Retail Financial Services
Best SME Loan/ Financing Product

Fastest Growing Company
Southeast Asia 2021

Start-up Banking Initiative of the Year

Best Digital Community Impact Initiative
Southeast Asia 2020

Our Board of Directors

Meet our esteemed Board of Directors, a group of visionary leaders with extensive backgrounds in banking, finance, and technology. Their collective wisdom guides UBX towards pioneering solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation.

Our Leadership Team

Our culture boasts of seasoned leaders, each bringing extensive expertise in technology and access to vast business networks. Our team brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise, ensuring your path to digital excellence is guided by seasoned hands.

Our progress, impact and story are showcased in major news publications